Inclusive Learning and Teaching Environments (Further Course)

Target Groups and Required Skills

This course is aimed at all those who have an interest in teaching and learning environments in higher education. This may include students, academics, librarians, technologists and administrators.  It is aimed at those who are interested in the way we create, communicate and collaborate to enhance skills in an inclusive environment.  The course does not require any specific skills other than an ability to use technology to handle online accessible materials and a willingness to take part in a course that is designed to offer multiple approaches to teaching and learning situations.

Learning Platform


Course Duration and Efforts

The course will be a tutor-led three week course with the expectation that learners will take three hours each week on the course. Studying will involve some research in the area of accessibility along with the use of strategies involving technologies that enable those with disabilities to access teaching and learning environments and resources.

Short Description

This course will cover aspects of digital accessibility related to the learning and teaching environments experienced by students, teachers and support staff in higher education.  It will explore the barriers experienced by those with disabilities and strategies for creating, communicating and collaborating to make these environments more inclusive.

Long Description

In this course you will learn to evaluate the various different teaching and learning environments for their ease of use by those with disabilities.  Gain knowledge in the way different environments can be made accessible by the introductions of multiple formats and alternatives to some of the more traditional teaching and learning methodologies. Digital accessibility will be at the heart of the course as you gain knowledge as to how creating accessible teaching and  learning environments can further enhance and encourage successful communication with increased collaboration between learners, their peers as well as those providing the courses.

Authors and Mentors

Professor Mike Wald, E.A.Draffan, Abi James and colleagues with support from the ILIaD team at the University of Southampton.

Course Structure

Week 1: Create

  • Creating inclusive learning practices
  • Introduction to Inclusive Learning
  • Students and staff perception of inclusive learning
  • How inclusive learning practices differ from individual adjustments
  • Creating inclusive learning and teaching materials

Week 2: Develop

  • Developing inclusive learning environments
  • Using technology to improve accessibility of delivering teaching materials
  • Inclusive library services
  • Inclusivity in science, practical sessions and fieldwork
  • Setting inclusive assignments and assessments

Week 3: Encourage

  • Encouraging inclusive collaborative learning opportunities
  • Planning for inclusive collaboration learning activities
  • Encouraging inclusive opportunities for shared learning activities
  • Ensuring online activities are inclusive to all


Available on completion from FutureLearn.

How to Register

FutureLearn will alert those interested in the course ahead of time. It will be advertised by them and anyone can show an interest. Registration information.

Open Educational Resources

The content from this course is available as a set of open education resources.